Friday, 25 November 2011

Several moans.

I am trying to put aside  irritations and downright annoyances that have cropped up this week.
I find I am cross with people I have never been even upset by before.....and now the apple store is causing me grief as well. They ask you to update your stuff which is fair enough but then they eat your apps.  True they do warn you in advance that they are going to do it but the assumption is there that you can put them all back when you've finished.
Unfortunately when there are two computers involved this is not can't be registered with two at the same time so all the apps I bought right at the beginning are on my other lap top.
This in itself would  not be so bad if you could then just go and get them again from the app store. This I have tried to do and of course its possible,  but they are charging me again for stuff Ive already paid for. I am sure that somewhere they have a note of what I've bought...deeply buried in the apple interior but not hard if you have a massive computer to dig in!
To add to all of that some of the reinstated apps are not working properly. The blog app for instance at first never loaded. It just winked out when I touched it. I deleted it and started again.....success this time till I tried to save the first blog of the day. Gone the moment I hit the save button.  I have searched but failed to find it......arghhhhh.
We are only half way through the day!    If this bleep bleep cloud is any use at all it will have got my blog from earlier and let it come down at some stage....If not.....I am not going to write it all again.....ARE YOU LISTENING CLOUD?
Sorry about the moaning ladies and gents....but sometimes you just have to write it all out!  Thats what belongings all about!


  1. Since writing that there have been further irritations. The mail box fails to recognize my password. It works withe everything else! I should know better now and never up date anything. Far more in keeping with my aging persona!

  2. Updating is fine, but sometimes it goes wrong.

    Windows 7 is trying to install 17 important updates onto my machine, but fails every time.

    When I trouble shoot it, it gives loads of instructions, which I carry out religiously, and it fails again.

    I've given up. I've told the 'bleeping' updates to go away, quickly (or words to that effect) and I am going to restore the original boot software from backup and let the machine upgrade itself in due course.

    Bah, humbug.

  3. Ernie I am so glad that its not just me!