Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Banking angst!

David and I have planned  to get into Truro this week.......I have a bit of banking to do and he needs a hair cut....I did offer to give him a quick trim but the scathing look I got convinced me it was not a good idea.....
The problem is that actually having a whole morning or afternoon out  is proving difficult!
One of the more expensive parcels I ordered over the net is coming first it was just today but now I have had a text message that gives me the  hour to expect it.....this is wonderful because now in theory I can go out before or after .....
But I have to be  psyched up for one of things I need to do.....and if I start now I'll peak too soon!
The spanish bank who took over my building society account has now made me cross.  I want to close the account since they insist on not paying me any interest until I spend another 20 minutes with discuss the options.....I did this last year and all I want them to do is stay with the same plan this need to go in again...
But they insist that I have to talk to someone ! In the meanwhile they are not paying any interest at all!  So next time I go in I am  going to close the account..I want my money back to go where its appreciated!
We are not  talking huge sums here ....a very  small amount is involved but its now not the money...its the rudeness of assuming I don't know what I want!
I have a current account elsewhere and I am sure I can plonk the money with them without having to be subjected to the hard sell....
Another  ex building society account tries occasionally  to straighten me out  but now take my word for it that I don't need their advice....They have given up on me so  why do I have so much trouble with the Spanish lot?
As you can see I am now fully in attack would be the time to strike......but alas, I have to stay in to receive the which time I will be full of the spirit of Christmas....and will have gone soft again!
My first husband was a carpet bagger who set up all these accounts in the days of glorious privatisation. Little did he know how very annoying it would turn out!


  1. It's strange that you quote a Spanish Bank, if it's the same as mine, we've had no problem with them, not savings wise. They've been very good and have helped us to close a previous account with a British Bank, that was paying a derisory rate of interest and than tried as hard as it could to hold onto our cash.

    Eventually, we went to a different branch, took the lot out in cash and paid it straight into the Spanish Bank Account. Again, not huge sums, but the arrogance of the british bank, telling us what we couldn't do with our own money, drove us away.

    Hopefully, we will continue to enjoy a good relationship with the spanish bank, but at least now we've learned to be more questioning and assertive about these things.

  2. I do so agree with you about the patronising attitude of many financial houses (banks and building societies). There appears to be a common misconception that anyone (female), over the age of about 60, must be in an advanced stage of senility.
    I am not brilliant with matters financial/arithmetical, but would never allow myself to be talked down to as to what 'should' happen to My money.

  3. Its the attitude towards us that creates the problem I agree Ray. I can be very difficult if I know Im being patronised....
    The job is now done. They kept me waiting whilst they did it all but within minutes I had it placed with my husbands old bank who can see I am a staff member....and there for never try to patronise me.....even when I explain that its not me who was actually the bank manager! Job done.....I am smiling again!