Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bureaucracy gone bananas?

We are waiting in this morning for a surveyor  to come and look at our roof!  It is less than 8  weeks since the last one came....Putting solar panels up there seemed like a good idea...as did putting insulation down in our loft....We are all being entreated to go green, to conserve heat and to use renewable energy where possible. So why do they make it so complicated?
We have now got  one row of solar panels up on the roof.  They have been seen by a lot of people going by and we have had many enquiries...
We have watched the gauge telling us how much electricity we are generating going round and round even in this dull weather...so yes, in response to a sales call we agreed to another row of roof panels....
Since then we have been waiting for quite a long time to have a survey done!  Its the same firm who did a survey last time...a few weeks ago!
Is this yet another example of bureaucracy gone bananas?
We have also tried to get our insulation sorted out.....we must lose a lot of heat through our roof but the bat people are adamant that we must not disturb the bats.....
My husband is going a round muttering about putting bats before people!
I am all in favour of looking after the bats...but in a drafty old farmhouse which has always had them  I cannot imagine they would come to much harm to have rolls of foam covering their floors!
All the rules and regulations seem to be multiplying all on their own.....they are breeding and it will soon be against the law  to disturb  the law makers  as they produce yet more traps for the unwary!
Its a weird life when on the one hand we are asked to conserve energy and on the other are told we can't without another survey  and that we must on no account disturb the bats on our attic!

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