Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Eve Eve.

Today is starting to feel like Christmas Eve....except theres still another one tomorrow!
Today is the day I am cooking the ham.  My medium sized ham delivered by Sainsburys turns out to be huge so it is going into the oven fairly shortly...I just hope enough people turn up to eat it before we go away in January!
First I am wrapping parcels!  I am not good at this at all.
My first intimation of this was when at 15 I worked as a Saturday girl in  Woolworths!  I was put onto the hardware section where lots of nails, curtain rails etc had to be wrapped.. The supervisor told me at the end of the first day that she had never ever seen such poor parcels...they were very untidy and she showed me how to do them was this I am sure which made sure I  never again followed her instructions once I'd escaped  her department .
I do try but they always end up looking squashed and very untidy with loads of sellotape to hold them together...
I also do not open things well. I have seen people take off the wrapping and smooth it carefully before putting to one side to use again.
None of that here I'm afraid.....I plunge in, tear the paper off in order to get the first sight of whats underneath...then throw it away!
There are just some talents I don't have!
As well as parcels and cooking I have also got to start the Christmas sermon for this year.
At this stage there is always a very naughty thought about recycling an old one....but I do fight this ....its got to be fresh and topical I think....unless desperation sets in!
Blogging is simply putting off the moment when the parcelling begins.    So once more into the breach dear friends!


  1. Good luck with that Jean.
    As I think I may have written in one of my diatribes/blogs, my mother used to say I might just as well have feet on the ends of my wrists as hands, since she had never seen anyone so manually inept.
    These days I have the excuse of arthritis in thumbs and wrists, so only offer half an apology for the acres of sellotape.
    Have a wonderful Christmas followed by a wonderful holiday.

  2. Ray you and I have so much in common its quite frightening! My dad as far as I know did no have a bike! Have a truly wonderful, quiet time with all my blessings!