Thursday, 29 December 2011


Eating dry toast for two days now has reminded me of the time I had this problem after an anaesthetic. Four days after the op I was still not eating at the anaesthetist arrived at my bedside...He was a lovely man who settled down for a natter before giving his opinion.....dry toast...and milk.....So today I have been doing just that...with a spoonful of honey in the milk!  And its working, apart from the fact that there is nothing else at all that I could get down!
The lovely man  came back to see me when I was ready  to be released back into the community! 
He told me that was I rather anaemic and that in the old days they would have given me a transfusion but as it wasn't too bad he had a prescription that would get my iron levels back up quite quickly...
I imagined more iron tablets, taken in pregnancy and not since.  They had some most unexpected side effects so I was not keen.  
"Oh no " he said with a twinkle....."You'll have no problem with this prescription.....Two things......Dark chocolate and red wine!"   
Oddly I had no problem with that!  And as far as I know have not been anaemic since. So I pass that one to works for me!  
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