Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sermon recall.

The congregations in Cornwall are always swelled at Christmas...The people who own houses here come back for this week and of course the local hotels are full too  so we have many people in church  who are strangers . Here on the Roseland we have a fairly loose cluster of churches and I am privileged to visit them all from time to time.  Last night I did Midnight Mass in a small church nearby.
There was a good lot of people there and afterwards I stood to shake hands by the door as they left.
One lady said as she went....."I've told everyone about the last time I heard one of your talked about your his biscuits to the birds. Is he still with you?"
I reassured  her that he was ancient but  quite  well and then she left,  wishing me a Happy Christmas as she went. .
Afterwards I joked that it was just as well I hadn't used the same sermon as last year until the churchwarden reminded me that it was two years since I last did the late night mass there.  
How extraordinary  that  felt !   Someone remembered what I'd said in a sermon two years ago !  That is truly amazing not least because I don't remember it at all!
Of course my husband brought me back down to earth  this morning when I told him the story.
"I bet she didn't remember about the God bit though"
That's what husbands are for! I suppose!

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  1. Well I bet she did remember the "God bit". You have a way of rounding your sermons, as with your blogs so that they include interesting anecdotes but come full circle to the real essence of your message.
    As you say, that's what husbands are for. Doesn't mean they're right though.