Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thermal knickers.

I've been searching through drawers looking for thermals!    It is very cold again here, particularly in the wind. But we are not used to such weather  in Cornwall. I have I  fear become an effete  southerner!
It was pretty cold when we lived  in Lancashire but on moving to North Wales we discovered a whole new level of cold......
We had a beautiful house made up of three cottages joined into one...Each of the rooms downstairs had huge inglenooks that you could walk into but no fires! The oil central heating was efficient but very expensive to run and we were fairly hard up for a while so it was time to start layering!  At least three layers of woolies were necessary every day right through the first winter...
I went shopping for thermal underwear and got us all kitted out,  though the wisdom at the time of getting a teen age girl into thermal knickers was questioned!
She refused to wear a vest for a while but the cold persuaded her far more eloquently than I could.
When after three years my husband got a promotion to London we had to move again.
The first removal van got stuck in snow on the moving day so we  camped out for a few days  in our cold house whilst the snow cleared up a bit!
Naturally we were as insulated as possible with several layers and that was how we travelled to Essex. Looking like rotund eskimos we must have cut a dash when  we booked into a hotel as we waited for our furniture to catch us up.
That evening over dinner we all had very red faces as we slowly got hotter and hotter....
Essex was a tropical climate compared to North Wales...we did not wear the thermals much after that ....but I am sure that somewhere lurking at the bottom of a drawer  there is bound to be  a thermal vest....and possibly even a pair of woolly knickers!

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