Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The winter fuel allowance.

This is weird world we are living in!  I mean seriously weird!  Yesterday I got a letter telling me that my £200 winter heating bonus was in my bank account. I don't check the numbers as often as I should  so I was amazed to find it had been there for a couple of weeks...
I know that my husband also has a winter fuel allowance so I assumed that a mistake had been made....we couldn't take two for one household!
I rang them up and explained the situation ending cheerfully with
"So I would like you to take it back please.....shall I write you a cheque? "
The young lady was clearly  nervous and started to ask me personal details as a check that I really was who I said I was.
After  I answered  everything correctly she then went off to talk to someone  .
"Well the good news is that it is yours, you are entailed to it and we can't take it back."
This actually stunned me.     What sort of a world are we living in where someone doesn't want their fuel allowance and can't  put it back in the state pot ?
Since then I have spoken to several well heeled people around the parish who have also tried to hand the money back to the state with the same results.
So, this morning I am going visiting.   I have four cheques for £50 pounds in my pocket.  I know who needs it most..  but this sort of   redistribution of wealth is not quite what the socialist manifesto was all about.
    I am not really keen on assuming the mantel of Lady Bountiful... but I can do it if I have to!
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