Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Death at sea

One of the joys of being on holiday and out of phone reach is being able to read. To read without guilt or anxiety without being interrupted is just wonderful. I have been re reading the Wreck of the Deutchland which ,written by Gerard Manley Hopkins is the story of five nuns who died at sea in a massive snow storm. Sitting watching the rise and fall of a gentle ocean in the winter sunshine it might be thought a strange choice but its beauty and grief have left me with tears in my eyes and with gratitude for being able to share the wonderful words written by another priest. "On Saturday , out of Bremen. America outward bound. "Five nuns died terrible deaths and are now immortalized by the words of the poet influenced by God. "For I greet Him the days I meet Him and bless when I understand. " Thank you God. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad.
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