Wednesday, 4 January 2012

End of a love story.

This story started for me last year whilst we were in South America. I got an email  from a lady who  had searched for a Rev Rolt and found me. She wanted to know if I was related to Rev Eric Rolt.  I was married to  his brother but Eric had died before that event took place so I  had never met him.
She wanted to talk to my husband and when we were home finally a very touching call took place....She had been engaged to Eric many years earlier and was in fact the girl next door....they had all shared Christmases and daft games together all through their growing up years. . David remembered her well.
He had not known that his brother had been engaged to be married until she told him that Eric had broken off their engagement with the news that he had resolved to be a celibate priest. She wept when she told him that...and went on to tell him that through her life as a teacher she had done good works for all manner of charities just as Eric would have wanted her to. She had never married and had always stayed faithful to the man who put God first.
David was able to reassure her that his brother had never married and that he had been to his funeral some years ago.
Last night I got an email telling us that she had died...
I passed the mail onto  David and he replied to it immediately.
When we got to bed some time later I was surprised to find him really quite tearful.
She was the very last link with his childhood,  all his siblings have already gone before him....
Then he said   "She will be back with Eric now.....where she always wanted to be.  He'll look after her up there, he'll take her round and introduce her to all the right people. "
I tried not to notice the tears.....
A love that has lasted a life time is I think to be celebrated....May she rest in peace and rise in glory!
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