Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Entering New York

We did not sleep well last night. The captain has deadlines to meet so he was forced to increase our speed which made it very bumpy indeed. I got up several times to see what was happening and the wall of our balcony was swinging in and out! It must be made to do that because it looks ok this morning. It's just about eight am here. We are due to land in New York at noon. Then we have to clear immigration. But the good news is that our tour starts at one pm so we might not have to hang around for too long. Having got out our tour tickets we find we have been put with a German group with a German Tour Guide . Quite apart from not actually being able to understand what he is saying the Germans bring out the worst in David. ( don't mention the war) I spend most of my time soothing ruffled feathers! The waves are now much smaller and we are not being thrown about. We are therefor hoping to be on deck for the entry into the harbor and past the Statue of Liberty. Last time it was dark when we got here and dark when we left . Though my pictures of the Statue of Liberty were pretty dramatic when she lit up I hope to take some in the daylight this time. We will wrap up well....it's freezing out there and take our chances! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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