Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Let the packing begin.

The day has finally arrived when I have to give some serious thought to packing. Being away for 7 weeks means that I cannot in all conscience take enough things to cover everything. There is a laundry and it will have to be used...
Those of you who have read this blog for over a year will remember the total humiliation of last year when in Cape Town I had to unpack my case in front of hundreds of interested viewers and stuff as much as possible into David's case before throwing the rest away.
This has definitely left me scarred for life.  Packing has now become a  science.  I have bought David a new suitcase....at least twice as big as last years.  He is under no illusion......some of that space is mine!
I will not take my huge suitcase....that's what got me into trouble last year....I filled it because it was there...
This year it will be a smaller one with another small one at my side!
Part of my Christmas present from Davids son  was a luggage strap that goes right round  the biggest case. My case is teal. The strap is neon orange with my name on it several times......it even includes the Rev!  I don't see how it could possibly  be missed!
My husband, unable to get into town this morning  for his paper has now given me baggage labels to fill in which include my mobile number.....its all started to feel real and very close.... but actually its still a week away!
All I have to do now is concentrate the mind as to how many ball gowns, swimming costumes, and walking shoes I need to pack and then weigh them!
Indiscriminate throwing things in at the last minute are out!
I can be disciplined......I can do this....well I can try!
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