Monday, 2 January 2012

Self knowledge?

At the start of a another year I have to ask myself the awkward blog or not to blog!  As I have always kept a diary of some sort blogging comes as second nature to me....but what doesn't and does still shake me is that I am unused to all and sundry popping in and out of my life at regular intervals.
For the first time in my  life I am exercising editorial content.    I find myself thinking  ...Oh dear, I  must not put that in case somebody I don't like much  sees it....
I am always startled by old friends as well as new ones who tell me with arch grins that they know an awful lot about me since reading the blog. Some from the various congregations I visit  have a new insight into the working life of priests!
Occasionally I have rethought the policy on what to include and what to omit....but by and large its an honest portrayal of my life from day to day...
During my hippie period when I read all the mystic tracts doing the rounds at that time I read everything ever written by Krishnamurti....whose books I still have in my book case and consult occasionally.
He advocates self knowledge as a tool for advancing spiritually and a daily , hourly examination of what the self is doing is part of that notion....I used to find it very difficult to even think of examining in my head all the stray thoughts that pop in and out unbidden but in fact blogging has brought me unexpectedly to that position.....I can't just sit down and write, I have to be self aware and edit as I go along....reviewing old faults, trying not to fall into traps for the unwary, always attempting honesty with myself.
I shall of course go the start of next week I am away for seven weeks....and posting a daily blog is part of that adventure!
I hope to take you all along for the journey!
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