Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ongoing in the Pacific.

We left San Francisco last night and are now at sea again. The pacific ocean is deceptive. There are no white horses and it appears to be calm. But we are moving about on deck. Looking out to sea there are large rollers that don't break into waves but just hit us as they pass! We don't know the end of yesterday's lost woman story....but if we see any of the dramatic personi involved we will ask! It's a very different ship now. A great number of folk disembarked yesterday to be replaced by a lot more. We now have a lot of Australians! Sadly the people we got to know well have gone and we do actually miss them. The new people on our dining table are all Brits, three from Lancashire and one from Dorset. Three women and one man and two of the women were teachers! It should be OK once we've broken them in! It will take us three days to get to Honolulu so that will be bliss! We both love gazing out to sea sipping something strengthening! I am only half way down my list of new cocktails to try. It being Sunday I will attend the Captains traditional maritime service. He made a very good job of it last week! That's our day sorted! Alleluia! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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