Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Red hat no?

We went wandering this afternoon as the weather turned very windy. We visited rooms we'd never seen before. On the top deck is a lovely room known as The Commodores Club. It was empty apart from one lady sitting in isolation by a large window. "I'm here " she shouted in great excitement. "Over here. I'm here." Indeed she was. A sheaf of papers lay in front of her and on her head was a red woolly hat decorated with lots of jewellery. I approached with caution whilst David strolled off to gaze out at the sea. She gave me a sheet of paper which had a picture of three red hats. There was a line for my name and under it another name. It read. The Queen mum of the society. "That's me "she announced. "I am the Queen mum of the red hats society. " I asked what it was all about. "Well we pay so much in taxes and to charities this is just a bit of fun we don't ask you for any more once you've joined. It's just for fun." It didn't look much fun to me. David had disappeared by this time. I could not be rude. "So what exactly do you do? " "You wear your red hat of course." An old Lancastrian saying popped into my mind about red hat , no knickers but I did not allow that to go further at that time. She assured me that there were lots of members in the UK but failed to find any in Cornwall. In fact she had no idea where Cornwall was. As well as the red hat she was encrusted with jewels and was a giggly but pleasant little lady clearly entranced by the prospect of making a new convert. Don't say we don't have fun on this boat...... PS. If any of you have any knowledge of this society please let me know and I'll take it all back! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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