Saturday, 25 February 2012


We loved Melbourne. It was only a taste, the tiniest soupçon but it was lovely. It was very hot with the temperature in the 90's but a light breeze cooled us nicely! There were lots of parks and immense buildings both old and new and the overall impression was of a city that buzzed with activity and excitement. A visit to their shrine revealed lots that we didn't know. That the Japanese had bombed Sydney for instance. There were frightening posters and some very touching personal stories. I did wonder yet again what on earth the Japanese were making of it all! There were alot of them walking round with us.

It has been a most interesting visit. Apparently they found gold soon after it was settled and the result was some amazing buildings! Of all the cities it was certainly one we would enjoy coming back to! DV - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. We visited Oz in the early nineties. Stayed a week in Melbourne. Loved it. A cosmopolitan city with much to commend it. Would love to go back, but not sure we ever will. To much else going on.