Monday, 13 February 2012


We are in a train. We are traveling along a wonderful route. From our window we see fields, flowers and then mountains. We travel far, always gazing out and waiting for us to arrive at our destination . Along this particular route there are many stations, all different. We pass rivers, beaches, beautiful buildings, churches, cathedrals in cities and villages. We see the squalid in the cities and the calm beauty of the villages. We are aware of people, pets, wild animals and we are part of the wonderful tapestry of life. The final Station is many miles away but the small stations that will carry us there are landmarks. Our first school, the first job, weddings and children. The train gathers pace and we are often too busy to look out of the windows but we know it's all there. The final station is up ahead but we should not be in a hurry to reach's always going to be there....God willing there's time yet. In our old age we can stop occasionally to look at all the things we have rushed past in our youth. We can read, listen to music, kiss our grandchildren . We can walk barefoot, plant flowers, sing and dance. The final station awaits but en route we can all find the presence of God in the flight of a bird, the scent of a flower and the music of the stars. Our senses are gifts from God. They bring us closer by the grace of the Holy Spirit. We should never forget to thank Him. Or Her. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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