Monday, 6 February 2012


We have had a very rough night. It's the second storm since we started our journey and the Pacifc isn't peaceful at all right now! It's died down a bit this morning but the waves are tall and the white horses prancing! The new people who have not yet got their sea legs were missing from breakfast! Those of us wandering the corridors are falling over frequently! Every time we have an exchange of sea farers we have three days of strict hygiene regulations! We may not help ourselves to anything even the cutlery! We have to be served with everything and my problem is always being given too much! Also the number of British voices on board are very much less.....sign language is years teaching English as a second language were not wasted. We do not arrive in Honolulu till Thursday so we have many days at sea which is fine even when it's rough! We go to some of the lectures today including one taking a forensic look at the death of Julius Caesar. Might be some closer to hand the way this boat is being tossed around! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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