Friday, 10 February 2012

Viva la difference!

This is a community of all shapes and sizes. Every colour, every language has its representative I suppose it's normal to have many differing opinions. We are all the sum total of our life's experience plus our upbringing. The way we deal with vastly different points of view defines our characters I think. We have met a man whose views are one is ever going to change them. He feels that his ways are the right ways...obviously he has a duty then to guide, cajole or even force people into following his right way of doing things....this extends even to what we eat! He has now told me off several times for my poor food intake....I only eat about a tenth of his! As I seem to be surviving I do not regard it as a problem. I try not to respond by showing him any sort of irritation but I do defend my right to eat what I want. I have a pleasant relationship with the young man who makes me an American pancake for breakfast. His boss shouts at him much of the time I tell his boss that the cook is very good at his job. Short of actually snarling at me the boss disregards my observations with disdain. The boss is Japanese. The cook is from the Phillipines. . . . . there is a racist element here I think! I felt very sorry for the Japanese yesterday when many people went off to look at Pearl Harbour...but it evaporated this morning when the young cook got a severe barracking again. Tolerance is a given in any way of life I think...But more too. We should be celebrating all the differences we find. There is a place for all of us. It would be dreadfully boring if we were all the same. God gave us all these wonderful genes to play with...and they throw up the genius as well as the bigot! Viva la difference! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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