Friday, 10 February 2012

Wrong sex.

I had a moment earlier. I returned to my cabin and couldn't get in. The electronic card had failed. The steward helped me in and said the card needed realigning. I had to take it to the pursers office. Off I went. When David lost his card once he was issued with two, one for him and one for me! I explained the situation to the young lady and she said it was no problem. I asked if my husband would need a different card. She looked at my card and said " Oh look, you've got your husband's card" I said it was my card. She sighed. I was obviously sub normal. "Look it says's your husbands card." "That is me actually" I said. A look of horror arrived on her face....I was wearing a sun top. "You are? They let you do that in your country?" "They do!" "And you are married......". This last was a sentence of such horror that I cut my losses, took the adjusted card and ran. She has clearly led a very sheltered life bless her. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. Lovely, enlightened reaction. Is she related to Lord Carey by any chance? :)

  2. UKV. To be fair to Lord Carey, it was during his watch as ABC that the legislation enabling ordination to the priesthood was passed and he had been a long-time supporter and advocate in circles where that was not always welcomed.