Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Avoid clothes shops!

We have to get into Truro this week and this is the only day when its possible. That it clashes with Budget day is being treated as a major problem which we are sorting out by going in early....fingers crossed..
As most of what I have to to do is at banks which don't open till 10am there is a major problem looming! I might have to look at the shops!
I have decided that I have too many clothes and that I must not buy anything new for at least two years or until fashions change so radically that my hand is forced..
Life was much simpler on the cruise when weight restrictions meant that I had only two of everything apart from evening clothes of course. Getting dressed in the morning was therefore easy...I just put on what I hadn't worn the day before!
I must therefor avoid clothes shops!  
I have cheques to pay in since before Christmas....and I have a very full diary from now this really may be the last possible day.
At the weekend we have a marriage preparation course running and as its going to be the first time I've met some of them,  the appointments are now taking up most of Friday, all of Saturday and Sunday and Monday!  We marry a lot of people here!
During all that time of course it will be a dog collar so thats easy all I have to do this morning whilst I'm waiting for the banks to open  is find a hardware store so I won't be tempted.
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