Saturday, 3 March 2012

Back in the swing!

Well I am home, with all its complexities and problems!  When the car was started for me yesterday I was told to leave it running for an after we'd gone to bed early my husband jokingly said,
"You have switched the engine off haven't you?"
I rushed down stairs and found that I had actually  turned it off so all was well!  It started again this morning  and I've given it another hour.....I do not want to hitch hike to church again in the morning!
Usually I start writing the sermon in my head during the week so that  by Saturday it would all be there, just needing to be written down......Midweek this week was taken up by other anxieties so this morning I've done what I've never done before.....I found an old sermon for year B Lent 2 and reprinted it.....later I will add and subtract and make it more topical but I needed the safety blanket of know that if all else failed there was something I could pick up in the morning as I was flying through the door.....
I have started the process of marrying people too, in fact I've been a positive hive of activity so far! I've walked the dog, waited in for the Tesco shop, got a load into the washing machine and I have still not put anything actually away.....the spare bed is piled high with ball gowns, swimming costumes etc.....heaven knows when I'll get round to them!
But all through the activity is a quiet glow of joy, of having seen and done things I never thought I would do, everything else pales into insignificance by the side of the huge , amazing story of what we've done and getting myself back into parish priest mode is part of that joy.....Alleluia!


  1. I am. or was, familiar with the retrospective joy of post holiday memories, but you seem to have really 'cracked' it.
    From your daily posts it was obvious that you were thoroughly enjoying the moment too. (well, most of the time).
    How do you do it Jean?
    Is it purely down to your positive approach to life or have you another secret?

  2. Ray. I have had many times of stress and heart ache, especially after people I loved died.....but God has always been there for me....I have always been able to use my experience to understand what other people are suffering. I can't always help but I can always try.
    My ld age

  3. In my old age that should read. Sorry. I have been so lucky and I think that it's finally I am doing what I always wanted to do in answering the call! And this confirmation travels well into all the other spheres of life!