Sunday, 11 March 2012

Birds on the iPad!

Having done the 8 am Communion and having nothing else till Evensong at 4 I have been having a little play with the iPad. I get frustrated with apple for making me always put in my password every time I buy something so I'm not often tempted but I found a lovely new app this morning. It's called British birds. Over the years my works of reference have included bird books. From our perch high over St Mawes we see a lot of birds both in the air and on the ground. I can't name most of them and I would like to. The ones that sit in the trees and sing are very puzzling because a worded description doesn't do the sound justice. The app though has a picture, as well as an explanation of habits and wonder of wonders a button to press to hear the actual birdsong! No bird is safe now. I shall soon become a real life twitcher providing my iPad is tucked under my arm! - Posted using BlogPress fro my iPhone

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