Monday, 5 March 2012


It is a very small world we all live in....
I have spent some time this morning contacting couples I am to marry this year. One of the names rang an immediate bell even though I don't know the family at all.....The groom  is the grandson of one of my husband's oldest friends...I don't know them  because it was during the time David was married to his first wife!
Yesterday after the service a lady came to talk to me and reminded me of the time two years ago when our flight to Majorca had been delayed by several hours.....we had talked to another couple we hadn't met previously or since  waiting for the flight and here she was!
"I knew it was you!" she said immediately......she lives in  Devon and was on holiday here!
On the Queen Elizabeth a man who shared a table with us had been a captain in the merchant navy.  He had known David's brother in law, Len....
Small coincidences happen to me all the time...and it for this reason that I no longer believe in coincidence as such....
Once when I was searching the local library for a particular book,  it fell off a shelf right in front of me....after I'd looked for it for at least an hour.
I prefer to think of coincidence as proof of the theory of syncronicity.....or just maybe sign posts from tell us that we are all linked in some way...and that its a very small world!

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  1. My family tree research via has demonstrated just how connected. Currently sharing with 9 widely spread relatives from a 1st Cousin to a 3rd Cousin, twice removed.

    Some are in Australia and New Zealand, one is in Canada. The remainder are all over the UK & Ireland.

    And your sort of coincidences are met all of the time. My parish is in Bridge, near Canterbury. Our research has revealed relatives of both of my parents either born, married or died there and the same for my spouse. When I first visited I felt that I belonged and Jen felt the same. The most recent was a relative of my Grandmother, buried there in the 1940's. And I've found his grave.

    Small world says it all.