Thursday, 29 March 2012


Having spent some time this week working in the garden I am now geared up for my annual tussle with the gardener. I have to save the bluebells, penny wort , lesser celandine etc from being torn out and labelled as weeds.
It's a big garden, there's plenty of room for some wild, native species. I love the wonderful diversity that exists in what was once cow pasture.
At the beginning of the week I ordered some new plants to take the place of anything that didn't make it through the winter. They arrived in record time in beautiful condition and are waiting to go in.
The fruit trees are developing huge buds and I know that once open a great cold wind will arrive to blow them off! this is why I am trying to grow a wind break....with little success so far.
Starting a garden from scratch has been a creative venture in many ways...
I know what I don't want more than what I do want! I don't want a manicured, neat garden...I want a rambling, exotic, exciting garden full of colour with things blooming all the year round!
Some fruit too would be good.....eventually!

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  1. You make it sound like Kew Gardens. It makes our tiny garden look poor. We have to park cars in it on hard standing, so only borders and tiny lawn.

  2. Fab! I'm a fan of the fruit trees and bushes too and for the grown in, slightly wild look - with lots of colour! I grow everything in pots on window sills and outside our front door as we live in a one bed flat but doesn't stop me from getting a huge amount of joy from it!

  3. I did just the same for one house when our neighbour was in charge of watering, she told us on our return that we had over a hundred pots in the house!