Friday, 9 March 2012

Lost luggage strap

Somewhere in the world there is a bright orange luggage strap with my name on! It was around my suitcase when we set off for the recent cruise. David had one too. His also had his name on. When we found our cases waiting for us in our room mine was missing. We know it went aboard because we watched the bags being lifted onto the Queen. We made enquiries. We looked at the weird collection of lost property in the pursers office. It was all small and glittery. Nothing orange and large. As the moment of disembarkation arrived we looked further afield. Stewards joined in. I got off the boat without it. David has his. And it was easy to spot at the airport as it wizzed around with the other cases. The problem now is that they were presents, useful ones too. I have to explain to David's son why I no longer have mine! It's of no use to anyone else. Rev Jean Rolt was writ large on the orange in big black letters. It is of no possible use to anyone else. If anyone sees it please let me know because following the recent run of coincidence it's bound to turn up somewhere soon! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps a Stewards belt broke and your luggage strap was the ideal replacement?

    Who knows. It might be found in a totally unexpected place. Hope so.