Friday, 30 March 2012

Petrol panic.

I have now been asked several times if I've been out to fill up my car! Why?
My reply was. "We don't do that."
This was greeted by astonished stares. I was then told that I needed to get into my car this morning and drive, across the ferry to Helston where they still had some petrol! .
The person telling me was waving her arms around and clearly excited by the whole thing.
I am not sure what drives people on these occasions but if the nearest full garage is at least 25 miles away then I would be using up precious petrol anyway!
Is it me or is it a nonsense? When I was teaching and travelled from one town to the next every day not having much petrol would have been a worry but I can not imagine queuing for it under any circumstances.
In Essex I rode a bike everywhere. In Cornwall I could reach most places by walking if I set off in time.
People rushing around panic buying cause more stress and shortages I think than we really need right now.
Getting to work, or the shops or getting the children to school are all necessary activities that often need the use of a vehicle but panicking at the thought that you may not manage to do one of them is daft!
I do have deadlines like everyone else but I refuse to use petrol in order to get more petrol...just in case.

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  1. Jean, your're quite right. The trouble is with the current situation is that garages are running out.

    The government has made a mess of it, but Francis Maude telling people to fill up and to store petrol. So, now people are hoarding as well.

    I need a car to get to my Parish, but if I can't, get there, I ring the Vicar and go to a local church.

    I'm doing loads of stuff over Holy Week, and hope that I'm able to travel to do it, but if not, I'm not irreplaceable. Someone else will will be found to replace me.

  2. As someone once said "Oh Lord, help me to meet adversity, but not before it arrives".