Saturday, 17 March 2012


What can I say? After a day of frustration the book is now published...I have made mistakes but these I have learned from...I have for instance, thanks to a kind man on Twitter managed to change it from Pages to Word.
Shortly after I published it the man who sent me the wrong book apologized and sent me the correct one but by this time I'd done it myself!
Now I know that it's not too difficult I may well do it again!
Anyway it's called "My Journey " by Jean Rolt. It's got a pretty blue flower on the cover and I seem to have sent them the proof copy but the writing is so small I don't suppose anyone will notice!
It's free to download. I have one sitting on my kindle right now and am filled with awe that I am now a published author. A self published author it's true but it does give those of you who wanted to read it the opportunity.
I would welcome feed back....not expecting giant downloads but it's been a challenging and exciting adventure and there are lots things I still have to do to make it really cosher.
As its mostly working out what ISB and other imponderables are it could take some time but hey. It's published!

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