Monday, 12 March 2012

Village Monopoly

The fog has laid thick on Cornwall today.....Falmouth has been invisible all day and even the ferry over to it didn't run this morning!  This is unusual and we all waited for the mist to lift!
An added complication to movement were the diggers and hedging machines working along the main road, right outside our house!  Apparently they have a deadline at the end of this month so they have to crack on....they appear to have cleared the ditches, firmed up the roads  edge and got us all looking neat for Easter when the first great influx of the year will appear.
Anyone trying to get around this small village today would have a certain amount of difficulty and it might explain why when I went down to the shops there were many more people around than usual.
After I'd done a bit of shopping David and I decided to have a drink and some lunch at our sits by the harbour wall in St Mawes. There were a few people drinking at tables   and a great knot around one of the bars...but no visitors visible. The topic of conversation was an article in the Times this morning about our quiet little village .
The village was portrayed as a millionaires haven, full of retired people with more money than sense....and what was exercising people was the person who had invented a new game..St Mawes Monopoly!
This it seems is much like the old Monopoly but with the sailing club and the local hotels up for sale instead of the streets of London.  
It seems to have divided the village...those whose property is included resented by those who have not been mentioned....Then there are several people who claimed to have had the idea first!
I am sure that the article which generated a great deal of heat at lunch time did the village no good at all....but equally certain that it would be a great mistake to take any sort of stance on any of it....
I know all the people involved....they are all friends and will blow over given half a chance...and in the meanwhile as a priest I pray that we can all get on with life, death, marriage and christening and leave the game playing to the papers.....
That's their job after all.


  1. True, and if they are creating a mini mayhem for your village, at least someone else is getting a break.

    After all it is only tomorrow,s fish and chip wrapper.

  2. ps I should have added that the comment was posted using my Ipad. Getting there, slowly.

  3. Impressed Ray. Not that slow!