Sunday, 15 April 2012

Christening liturgy.

Last week we christened two boys, cousins who were extremely well behaved and allowed me to walk  them around the church to introduce them to their new family.
This week we have twin girls who I am hoping will achieve the same  standard set by the boys last week!
An Easter baptism is full of joy. It is Spring, there are flowers everywhere. the newly repaired and decorated church is looking wonderful.
The only real fly in the ointment is the service itself...the language really does prevent the young parents from being able to whole heartedly endorse the process of being admitted into the family of God.
Far from enthusing them it embarrasses them. I hope never to have the situation I had last year where the Godparents started giggling....I talk to them in advance to try not to let it all come as a surprise...a sort of hang over from Harry Potter and he who  shall not be named!
I have told several different congregations that the church is aware of this problem and are trying to do something about it but its taking its time.
I realise there are more pressing matters right now but this service is sometimes the first point of contact with a young adult...If we can't appeal to young parents then do we have to wait until they are old before reaching them with the Good news?
I use several gentle Celtic prayers with all the other promises....I intersperse loving parents and Godparents between the devil and all His works....but please..those of you in the church who ordain these things....try to come up with a child and parent friendly liturgy that brings them to the joy of commitment to Christ.
Having got that lot off my chest I can go to church smiling and just get on it with it now!
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