Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Don't ring after lunch!

Every day since we got home from our trip the phone has rung after lunch. It has never been anyone we know. It has always been someone trying to sell us something. It's often very hard to shake them off. They persist in trying to get us to change to their product, or service even when we say we are not interested. The hard sell has never worked with us anyway but no one is going to succeed if they have just woken you up!
It's not just the ancient who allow their eyes to close gently in the early afternoon. I've been having a power nap since I was pregnant!
Wrinklies have forty winks after lunch. This is surely universal. I realise that if they are ringing from a call centre in India they might well be on different times but the same thing thought holds good. If you have been woken up for the tenth time you are not going to buy lottery tickets, change your broadband provider or book a holiday.
I am going to start a campaign. "Don't ring wrinklies after lunch". You know it makes sense!

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