Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Eve Baptisms

This mornings christenings are not the usual event for Easter Eve. They have been postponed twice and we have now got to the point of no return.
They wanted it during the Autumn half term but the church was having a new roof at that point!
Then they chose Spring half term. I was in the South Pacific at the time!
The parents are people I married several years ago. The grandparents have a house here and they all arrive during every school holiday.
The father is working hard at coordinating stuff for the Olympics so this was the final chance before next winter!
So game on!
Till this week it was just one baby but the brides sister has turned up and asked for hers to be "done" at the same time!
It's going to be a large group in church this morning. The altar is stripped and there's not a flower in sight!
The flower ladies are being held off till mid morning but the babies grand mother is bringing flowers too!
It's very unconventional but it will bring two more souls into the Kingdom.
And I have been told that there are 13 Christenings happening in York Minster today!

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