Thursday, 19 April 2012

Social net working

Sitting up in bed this morning I got a message via Facebook from a very old friend. It was a request asking us to use just one word to describe our first meeting.
I typed in "lock"
She replied instantly and the memories flooded back.
The first David and I had a boat on the Great Ouse. There are quite a lot of locks and one day we found ourselves in a lock with another boat whose crew were in dispute!
The man was in his cockpit. The woman was on terra firma . The man was brandishing a coiled rope he wanted tied on to keep the boat steady as the water rushed in.
"Take the rope" he yelled .
"Say please" she said sweetly.
This exchange went on for a while until my husband climbed up a lock ladder and secured the boat.
I was enthralled. Here was a woman after my own heart!
We went on our separate way and looked for a pub for lunch. The other couple were already there.
We ate together , laughed alot and remained friends ever since.
Happy Days Babs. The joy of social net working can never be over estimated!

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