Thursday, 3 May 2012

Emergency treatment.

Unusually for me I have had to take painkillers over the last two days. A small pain started on Monday grew into a big one until last night it wasn't possible to sleep.
First thing after getting up I took two painkillers and rang the doctors. The pain was in my chest, though not on the right side. The receptionist had an ambulance on its way in minutes!
A call from the doctor followed and after answering his questions the ambulance was stood down!
He appeared on my doorstep five minutes later and gave me a thorough examination!
It was all very alarming! Also reassuring. It's not my heart, or my lungs...or my blood pressure!
He's calling again later for which I am very grateful.
Just one worrying thought remains.
Does everyone get this treatment or is it just those of us with dog collars?
If it's everyone it's wonderful!
He says it's "probably" muscular, having seen the size of my garden!
Thank God for the NHS!

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