Friday, 18 May 2012

Feast or Famine.

The problem with being a priest is that it all tends to be either feast or famine......quiet times are followed by extremely busy times and visa versa.....
Just now we are having rather a lot of things happening at once...funerals, christenings, weddings, rehearsals  all tumbling over each other to be done.
When I was training,  the priest I was following around on placement told me to always rest up during the quiet times because the hectic moments were just around the corner!
We are in one of those moments right now.
David and I had a debate this morning on whether I would have time to shop before the weekend because otherwise we would be eating out a lot!
I know I've mentioned this before but good old Tesco came to the rescue as always!
I did the whole shop in ten minutes before the first visiter arrived!
I read the gloomy predictions  about a collapsing economy and have time for just one prayer on this subject.....what ever else goes please let on line shopping continue....I would be lost without it!
On a different note the downloads of my Ebook  (To be found at Smashwords) have now reached 100...... Wow......words are almost failing me!

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  1. Hang on to that "almost" Jean. It matters to us too.