Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gods in HIs heaven?

The sun is out and the wind has dropped this morning. Gods in His heaven and alls right with the world.... except....
The news of people being charged with phone hacking and other desperately awful acts of surveillance should  please us all this morning. There is nothing so satisfying as a baddy getting his or her comeuppance...
Unfortunately though we are not living in the aforementioned soap opera...where bad people are found out and punished for the titillation of all right minded goodies.
Nothing in real life is ever so black and white, though what we are discovering day by day is desperately awful....
An old boy friend from a very long time ago had hinted that the police may not always have stuck by the rules...and as he was in the force I had to believe that he knew what he was talking about.
We now find out that other people  in positions of  power have also misused the trust that other people have had in them. ....have in fact bent the law rather than uphold it.
The difficulty is that people like teachers, priests, policemen and politicians know the rules only too well and to some degree are there to make sure everyone else sticks with them so when it all goes pear shaped and those who should uphold the law, both moral and actual, break them then the world is turned topsy turvy.
People we should have been able to trust have bent or disregarded what was self evidently not listening into other peoples private conversations.
It should surely be obvious that if people are not aware that they are being listened to then it is morally bankrupt to do it!  
This does not seem to have stopped them and it makes you wonder what other forms of surveillance are being used that we are not as yet aware of...
As more news breaks and even more wrong doing is discovered and stopped, are there other things waiting for us to discover?
I do hope not..this world is beautiful beyond belief.....why should we allow the few with no moral conviction spoil it for those who do their best to live good and productive lives.....
My Gods in His heaven.......I hope yours is too!

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  1. People are innocent until they have been convicted in a court of law.