Friday, 11 May 2012

Helpful garage men.

My car failed to start yesterday again.  Not only did it not start, the battery was so weak that the key couldn't open the door!  The local garage man fixed it for me with the words, "You are  going to have to start using it more often Jean"
Point taken.... I often walk, or get a lift from my beloved....but yes I agreed, I must take her out  for little drives occasionally.....bit like the dog really!
Anyway this morning I set off in the blessed sunshine to go for a drive.  I hadn't gone far before realising that I was very short of petrol...
The local garage man does not sell petrol so this meant going to the  village I used to live in. The garage there does.
Chatting with the man whilst he was filling up my car I told him about my little problem and he came up with a solution immediately. Apparently there is a gadget which you plug into the cigarette lighter and place on your dashboard. It takes solar power and produces just  enough electricity  to keep the battery alive!
Wow...answer to a prayer. He' s supplied several of these to the old ladies of the village!  
The second garage man is ordering one for might even be here this afternoon!
I do like living in small villages!
I have not forgotten the time in the winter when I had to hitch hike along the road to church!  The startled young couple were very kind to pick me up and drop me at the church.....but with any luck this should not happen gadget permitting....
Thank you God....and bless garage men everywhere!
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