Tuesday, 8 May 2012


 There being no heating in the house and the sun at last making an appearance  I am planning a day in the garden.  There's a lot to do....everything is growing so fast its hard to keep up with it, so today I start the pruning!
It has to be me because I don't trust blokes to prune!
The first David started this lack of trust.....I would go out to walk the dog and get back to a garden shorn! Once he'd got the shears in his hands he really went to town. His version of doing a bit of pruning was to leave a glorious six foot tree, a small four foot mound.  All trees and shrubs were globular formations with no room for anything arty or farty!
I admit this has something to do with urban gardens compared to rural ones where we have half an acre to fill as opposed to a small square lawn to be cut by nail scissors.
However  my present gardner follows this trend for round blobs.  He will cut down anything growing where it shouldn't and leave small stumps in their place.
 The second David has not to my knowledge ever wielded a pair of secateurs in anger!....but as the parable of the vine was last Sunday's gospel,  he knows you have to prune to encourage growth......this is a dangerous position to be in.....so I will do the cutting back ....that way we will have some interesting shapes and sizes . One large wheel barrow full has already been deposited in the corner of the garden left for this purpose....I am not sure what our gardener  does with his rubbish   but I have deep suspicions that the field next door might be a bit of a clue.
Following my weeding last week which resulted in my incapacitation for a few days I am doing this gently, carefully, with frequent breaks....but there are places to sit in the sunshine between chopping so a day outside looks good to me!   And as I plan to rest between bouts I shall listen to an audio book whilst I sit in the God given sun.   Phone permitting of course!
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