Thursday, 14 June 2012


Today is the anniversary of the best day of my life! Since then there have been other best days but at the time it really was amazing.
I had had a long weary pregnancy, spending most of my time from the fifth month onward in hospital.
In the eight and ninth month I wasn't even allowed to read! I was very bored and just wanted it over with.
I had two false starts of labour and each time the nurses looked at my happy face and told me kindly that I really wouldn't look like that if labour had started!
In the event the pains arrived early in the morning. I had a night nurse for whom it was her first solo case. We struggled through it together. It didn't last long...before the day staff arrived I was a mother.
I was one of the lucky ones....I looked at my beautiful new baby with joy and felt supremely happy! It was the dawning of a new day and life would never be the same again.
I know it's not like that for many and I am sorry for anyone who missed out on the wonderful feeling , the euphoria and the exuberant gathering of resources to get me through the rest of my time in hospital till I could get home and start to be a real mother at last!
God has always been there for me every stage of my life. I gave thanks then and still do!
And Bill Vanstone was the Godfather! Cherry on the cake!

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