Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dunkirk spirit!

The Dunkirk spirit is alive and well and living in St Mawes!
It was so dreadful this morning I fully expected no one to turn up for the midweek communion .
David went off to get the altar set up and see how the land lay.
We agreed that it might just be us today.
The trip through the village revealed all.
Waves were coming over the harbour wall. The ferry was still on her moorings. Sandbags had been put in front of all the doors.
The small church is up a very steep hill. I offered to get there under my own steam but my beloved was having none of that. He delivered me to church and then went off to round up the stragglers...
All the regulars save one turned up!
The builders in the vestry stayed quiet and we had a peaceful service whilst the rain battered against the stained glass windows.
Magically it has since abated...
Thanks have been given that the days of celebration were peaceful and we can all ride out the storm together. Fingers crossed.

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