Sunday, 10 June 2012

Our earthly tent!

Everyone here has got post celebration fatigue. Last weekend stretched over four days involved the whole community in various ways. Cakes were baked. Sausages were barbecued and parades were walked. Lots of them. Every village had its own event or three and the church was not left out.
Weddings, funerals and baby blessings have all taken their toll on me this week and it's far from being over.
The good news is that we are all feeling it!
No one has been left unaware of the momentous times we are living in.
This morning various dampish and windswept members of the congregations appeared from the many camp sites around and about, so the sermon went down well when the epistle revealed that another word for the body is "tent"
It made lots of camping jokes possible and knowing grins from all around were seen when I referred to our earthly tents giving way to a better place provided by God.
Of course death was needed to get us there but we drew the line at that.
The campers and caravan dwellers all stayed for coffee and there was much fellow feeling evident.
Some of yesterday's wedding party were there and we were also joined by the first ever couple to be married in St Mawes bringing their baby with them.
We might all be tired, for one reason or another but there was much camaraderie and love evident.
All present and correct God!

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