Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pain. Again.

Up early and showered. Loins girded etc. Only one snag. The pains back. Apart from my beloved you lot are the only ones I can mention this to as the last time they had an ambulance on its way in minutes.
As it was nothing much then I am expecting the same today. I did spend much of the last few days potting up and planting out in the garden so I have only myself to blame.
The problem is that I have so much stuff I have promised to do, starting with the half past nine this morning.
I have plundered the medicine cupboard knowing I hav'nt got the painkillers recommended by the doctor who arrived before breakfast last time so I've taken what was at hand!
Over the few days I have commitments back to back with promises. I hope to keep going with a smile on my face but doubt I'm brave enough. Prayers might help!

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  1. Speaking as someone who last week started a heart attack while bicycling, I recommend allowing the people around you to panic. It's one of those things where a false negative so very much more dangerous than a false positive. But since it's now eight hours since you posted, the pain will either have gone away or not by now. If it hasn't you won't be reading this, but if you are, please, don't be pointlessly brave

  2. Couldn't agree more. There are times for gritting your teeth and I did it for a lot of years but it takes its toll. So if the pain doesn't subside please get it checked out.

  3. Prayers are yours in abundance Jean.
    I too think it's necessary to put yourself first sometimes.
    Courage can be about facing up to the fact that you are overcommitted, and knowing when to say so.
    Blessings X

    1. Thank you all do much. I really appreciate all of your comments. adrenalin kepte going through the service but I am now comatose. I will get medical help if it doesn't improve and I have put this afternoons visitors off. Andrew I hope you are feeling better.

  4. Typing lying down is not good. Sorry for all the typos.