Sunday, 29 July 2012

Mountain Lions etc.

I came to computing late in life so I suppose its no surprise that there are things that are still a mystery to me....things I can't do and things I havn't yet found the need to do....but I do love all my machines dearly and there are quite a lot of them now...
My first Macbook Pro is still with me and mostly used for playing Scrabble since  an adobe flash advert has taken over the Scrabble area on the newer one....It is now described as idea how to unlock it!
The new Mac Book is quite simply wonderful and fast and easy, I had problems updating it to Lion when it first came out but I then found that the Time machine had gone to war with I was, after all taking over the Time machines main function!  Since I disabled it all has been well on the lion front.  And ICloud is amazing.
When this week the emails arrived from Apple exhorting me to update yet again to Mountain Lion I did have my doubts!
In the end it really was painless and not as long as the previous download  and it all seems to be working wonderfully far!
What is clear though is that many new things on it are taken from the technology used on the iPad and the iPhone.
A little ticket appears in the corner of the screen to advise me that someone has replied to a tweet or that I have an email from a person trying to sell me something....etc...
When the mobile devices appeared they were obviously copying the computer is taking from  them....
I count myself very lucky to have lived in this generation  age of digital technology. It has enhanced my life and taught me a great deal.
I have one more thing I should dearly like to be able to do......anyone out there?
When I want to post a link unless there is a Share button I have no idea how to do it....
Its one of life's smaller mysteries.... but there are more important ones to crack!


  1. I stand in awe Jean. Most of what you describe sounds like Martian to me.
    Even the bits I have learned occasionally self-destruct in my anything but safe hands.
    Nevertheless, the age I was born into had many lovely. now lost, features and life was so much quieter then.

  2. I agree about the age we were born into but the brilliant thing is that we have spanned the time. I was brought up as a true Victorian by grandparents. And now look where we are! Amazing!

  3. Posting a link should be straightford. Go to the page or link you wish to paste. Highlight and copy the URL in the toolbar. Go to where you want to post it and paste the link. In the end, that is what the clever programmes are doing, just covering it up with flummery.

    1. Thank you very much Earnie.......I will try that but I would not have thought of it myself! Brilliant!