Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Do we drink too much?

This morning I had what some TV shows would call "A moment of truth"

I told my husband that I was going to do a food shop online. Was there anything we needed?

"Well we're running short of Pimms " he said . I replied that I'd bought one only.....last week...month? Anyway there was another one lurking somewhere. He just laughed.

I went to look and he was right.....I'd got through rather more Pimms than I imagined.

Every evening he brings me a drink, an aperitiff. This was a custom started by the last David who would present me with a drink every night before heading off to the pub! I kept this going during the years of widowhood and then the present David picked up the custom and ran with it!

If it was just one drink per night it wouldn't be too bad but then a bottle of wine is opened and during the evening we may have a glass or two each. We certainly did when the Olympics were on.

So the moment of truth rang out loud and clear....we are obviously drinking too much!

We are never inebriated but the empty bottles speak for themselves. We do not drink at lunch times unless we're out. It's the sitting watching the TV of an evening that has built up a habit which may now be hard to break...we are much too old to stop. We don't get fretful if for some reason we don't have a drink....we are not addicts but we have developed a habit! ...

I suspect it's the booze that keeps us going. We are approaching the next leg of our lives......dependency and senility.....we might as well go happily! Cheers!


  1. As I'm teetotal, I don't have that issue.

    As for alcohol keeping you going, does that mean that you are preserved in it? :)

  2. I suspect that might be the truth of it!

  3. Abstinence or alcoholism, is that the choice?
    No, your middle course sounds good to me Jean.

    As for the empties, well, we all know recycling is good.

  4. Ythr recycling is very Embarrassing. All those bottles being dropped outside our door makes a dreadful noise!

  5. Ditto Jean I die a thousand deaths when the glass recycling collects such a clatter!!
    We are obviously of a similar age we have a bottle most evenings but why do we have a conscience Made to have one more like. The withdrawal symptoms are much more dangerous .........