Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Explanations...or just moans?

In the lead up to August bank holiday its always busy here....Its been busy right through August but this is the  huge weekend....People will arrive from the four corners of the earth and some of them will knock on my door.
I am always really glad to see people but they often don't realise that I'm still working....I can't drop everything no matter how pleased I am to see them.
Today we are going out to lunch with David's son and daughter in law....a couple we like a lot...Fortunately they live close enough to drive here and are not casting an eye on our house to see if theres room for another two!
This the main appears to be a simply huge house....but every room is occupied!
Our sitting room is two large bedrooms knocked into one long room which overlooks the water with Falmouth in the distance...
This means that only two bedrooms are left and one is very small and full.
Downstairs what was once the sitting room is my office....big and full....David's office is next door and the dining room and kitchen are on the other side of the paved corridor...which was once the cows path to the diary!
This was a working farm until 20 years ago and has not been tarted is not pretty, and thats actually the way we like it....but from the outside it looks enormous!
We do have a spare bed up stairs and a commodious sofa in my office but they are for emergency use only....because of course there is the other problem,.  Crispin. Most days now I get up to small piles which have to be picked up before either of us treads them round.
Crispin is why at the moment we are not taking our Autumn break....we need to be here.
The builders arrive this morning to lay new paving stones over our crumbling crazy paving...getting dafter by the minute...
We are aiming at making everything here wheel chair friendly.......not sure which one of us will get there first!
So we greet this Bank holiday with joy.....but also with some trepidation as to what state our outside will be in when the visitors just pop in!  

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