Sunday, 5 August 2012

Missing book!

On a lighter note , after an angst filled blog earlier, I arrived in church to find the Banns book missing. We knew we had to read the banns for the first time of asking and we had the names of the couple. I could go ahead I told the church warden. I still needed the couples parish though so I asked a young couple if they were there to hear their banns read.
"Not really " they said, "We've been married for nine years"
Fortunately they saw the funny side of it.
I then asked the congregation and the couples granny was there so I had their names and parish...job accomplished...I'll fill in the book when I find it!"

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  1. Thank Goodness. It's not just us at St. M's then?
    We too have a. lost the banns book, B, spilled communion wine on it (Don't ask), and had to scurry round phoning and emailing frantically to get information with only 24 hours to spare.
    I know we're all human, but some of us are more
    human than others.
    Thank God for a sense of humour.

  2. The Church safe is where all of our books and registers reside. Which is great until someone forgets the safe key or the lock decides to stick (which has happened) and panic ensues.

    We had a bit of a kerfuffle recently over whether its only clergy who can call the banns. After some legal advice, it turns out that those who hold a Bishops licence are able to call the banns. So Readers and Church Wardens are included.

    In our 5 churches, Sunday services are sometimes taken by the Reader or even an Authorised Worship leader. If Banns are due, it was going to cause a problem until we got the correct guidance.