Sunday, 19 August 2012

Slugs and snails

No puppy dogs tails but the slugs and snails are out in force this morning. They do like the rain'.
Until this week I havnt really taken much notice of the slugs. The odd black one has caught my eye as I marched around the garden but this week they have started on my pots.
They have munched their way through petunias and geraniums at the rate of knots.
Killing things is a knotty problem for me. I just can't do it and live with myself.
I protect roses by using a systemic spray right at the beginning of the season.
Crustacians don't come into that category though.
What to do with them!
First catch them!
Then I am mean. I throw them over the hedge. Not onto another garden. Onto the road which is quite busy in August.
That's called copping out. I do know that but if it's life that's sacred what about the life of the plants? They are being eaten alive so I'm just sacrificing one life for another! This is a small selection of this mornings crop!

Sorry. I know it's disgusting'.
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  1. Christine on "Gardeners Question Time" goes out at night ,puts them on the path and stamps on them...eeeeyew! I give them to the hens.

  2. Yuk Jean. How absolutely horrible. I do feel for you.
    I cannot kill the disgusting revolting creatures and spend half my life (this year anyway), trying not to step on them.

    I must have seen around 300 or so this season, but am hoping this beastly hot spell will see them off. I don't care where to.

  3. I'm not to sure about throwing them over the hedge? But we have a huge park behind our house with endless hedgerows. We introduce the slugs to them and they seem to like it. As we don't find that many coming back. (Not that we tag them or anything :)).

    Not the ideal solution, but it preserves our small garden as much as anything else. Snails get similar treatment.

    Now to go and deal with the humungous spider just spotted in the bath room.

  4. Coat the rim of you pots with vaseline. Tey hate it xx