Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wet Bride.

A wedding up date....
I am afraid that yesterday's late arrival was followed again today by being even later! Had the bride arrived around the right time she would have walked in sunshine. However it was raining quite hard before she reached the church.
Lots of passing  walkers waited for her getting steadily wetter and she did look beautiful....but damp! I unearthed the umbrellas from our messy corner because they had failed to take any account of the weather at all in all their plans
Instead of strolling around looking at the beautiful gardens and the boats we had an imprisoned congregation getting very restless by the minute . I made several announcements to keep them informed but as the rain swept in they were not awfully happy.....we have hard pews!
They all looked wonderful though.. The bride had been helped by several passing strangers who accompanied her by holding up her dress so it didn't drag on the ground!
The service went well once we started. Especially "One more step around the world we go!"

This bouquet was not used to today but is by a good friend at The Blue Carrot! 
I kept my contribution to the minimum all too conscious of their sore bottoms and at the end instead of going out into glorious sunshine reflecting on the water all the photographs had to be taken in the church!
We tried to encourage them to leave but they hung on, and in the end I came home to feed my husband with some charred moussaka. He had laid the table and even provided a glass of red wine.
The reception was at the castle. A wonderfully spectacular spot in good weather. David and remembered all too clearly another wet day where we shivered whilst sipping our champagne.
We definitely made the right choice today! Cheers!

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