Monday, 3 September 2012

Come friendly thrush.

Our builder was late getting here this morning and there was a certain amount of irritation evident all over the we waited for this job to get finished and be rid of the concrete mixers, the hose pipes and sand, gravel and loose stones clogging up our drive!
So off I went with a pair of secateurs and shears to see what needed doing in the garden....I figured it was better to snip a plant than a person!
During this perambulation I found several large snails and huge orange slugs all of which went over the hedge onto the road! Unfortunately one slug was caught by the branch of a never made it to the other side but sat dangling high above me....
I retreated not want it to drop on me...that would have been more than I could bear...but on getting back inside I wrote a poem with many apologies to Betjeman....

Come friendly thrush and eat this slug.
It is not fit for purpose now.
A giant hand has picked it up
And flung it high and so
The orange shimmer casts a threat
To all marauding snails about
To feast on rosy petals where
Safe from cat, and dog and me
The blooms lie pink and blue and fair. 
Come friendly thrush....and  do it now! 

Ok   sorry John!  


  1. Yes why is it you never see a thrush when you need one, then when there's nothing for them to eat six of them come along at once?
    Beautiful poetry Jean. How do you fancy poet laureate as your next job?

    1. I'm afraid replying is still a hit and miss affair. Not a bad job! But no one need threatened!

  2. Typing blind is the problem. I only see the omissions when it's too late to edit them!