Tuesday, 18 September 2012


The soft Autumn morning has led to late summer thoughts of death and a clearing out of the detritus of years....

David and I met in our old age and now his collection from years ago are housed with mine in our barn...this morning we have piled up dead garden chairs, mangled suitcases, discarded computer paraphernalia and much else beside to be taken to the dump!

On the same morning the dog, reluctant to move, finally got up to reveal he had soiled himself in the night. The kindest and quickest way was to just cut it out! He was very relieved when it had all gone so this morning I have brought in his bed from the barn....he has never used it but he can't get onto any of the sofas now so he may decide its better than the floor!

I suspect this may be the start of the whole process of shedding things no longer wanted on the journey. Our sons will be relieved that we have at least made a start!

Crispin is my chief concern right now.....I give him painkillers every day but he still can't get his back legs to work properly. We had planned two weeks holiday in October but that has now been shelved....I could not bear to leave him with anyone else now.

I am still hoping that God will be kind and take him aloft in his sleep one night.....

A few cherubims to help clear the barn would be great too!


  1. All our 'treasures were in the loft. Admittedly it's a huge space and when we moved here Ron insisted that everything, but everything, came with us, That was fifteen years ago.
    A couple of years ago I said to him that it wasn't fair on the children to leave them to clear out after we were gone. Having done it for my parents I know how heartbreaking it can be getting rid of 'treasures' indeed I still had a few things of theirs. I asked Steve and Paula did they want anything, I will leave their replies to your imagination. I decided to sell on e bay what was worth selling and the rest either to the hospice or the dump. Admittedly I had to push shove and cajole but I got it done, and made enough money to buy myself a decent PC. I surveyed my almost empty loft with pride. Then Paula's marriage broke up and my loft once again is full, but it's not my stuff, so my conscience is clear. Now Ron's workshop, ah well that's another matter.

    1. Babs I havnt even thought about the workshop!